Erik Verryden

First and foremost, without my TEAM behind me, NPS would not function on a daily basis. More to come on them soon!

I wanted to share a little about how NPS began and where we are now:

I started in inside / outside sales at 19 years old while attending college. I began my career in the Merchant Services industry at 22 years old having worked for a couple of other companies and quickly learned what to do and what not to do.  I had a love for business as well as the payments industry but thought I could create a company with a culture that brought in the positives of what I learned yet eliminated the negatives.

Enter National Processing Solutions (NPS). In 2003, I moved to Arizona and began working out of my apartment  with huge dreams and aspirations. Shortly thereafter, I started to see those dreams come true.

We moved into our first office space in late 2003, hired employees and started to become one of the fastest growing independent payment companies in Arizona during the mid 2000’s.

We opened our first larger scale call center to solicit as well as service all of the new clientele we were bringing on in 2007.

Long story short, the daily grind started to wear on me personally and felt a change was needed.

In 2011 we started a program to assist certain not for profit organizations by donating a portion of our profits to them. This soon became the focus of our business model and set up a program that allowed our for-profit clientele to choose any charitable organization of their choice they wished to support. They were supporting them by directing US to give back our money every month to their favorite organization.

We had tapped into the already powerful electronic transaction world, sending a portion of the transactional charge back to organizations that our clients support! The POWER of this program allowed us to not only assist my local community, but all of the wonderful communities that our client base shares across the country.

This had truly given me a new life and renewed my passion for the merchant services industry. Now NPS was not just a fee that gets charged and a name on your monthly bank statement, we are a face in YOUR community!

Fast forward to 2019. After years of being directly immersed in the business community, I have made meaningful relationships with many different industry leaders and CEOs of larger organizations. I have always thought offering a variety of business services that have synergy through our vetted partnerships would be the next step in offering our client base a TRUE end to end solution.  Best of all, we could give them one point of contact.

With that said, I felt it was time to give our NPS brand a ‘facelift’ of sorts.

Enter NEXGEN Partner Strategies. I feel this name and logo represent our new partners and services we are now offering.

I am truly excited about this new chapter for NPS as well as what we will be able to bring to the communities we serve in.

I am extremely passionate about fitness and spending quality time with family and friends. When I am away from the office and not working, I will usually be enjoying my time outdoors, playing on a sports league, or at a beach or mountain somewhere...ideally with my cell phone off!