High Risk?

No problem.

A merchant is considered ‘high risk’ to banks and processors if it poses reputational risk or is prone to chargebacks. But high risk industries need secure and compliant payment processing platforms, too.

NexGen will get you approved for processing solutions at the most competitive rate so that you can start and grow your high risk business on your own terms.

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Typical Processing

Compliant credit and debit card processing for all transactions

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Virtual Wallets

Gateway between consumer funds and your products

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Peace of Mind

Highest security standards promote comprehensive value position for all

Advance Your Business Today

Our team takes pride in offering exemplary customer service and in watching our partners’ profits rise. When implementing an MTrac Powered terminal, tickets saw a 26% advantage over average cash tickets. Processing credit card transactions is the key to increased profitability for high risk companies.

  • • Accept credit and debit cards in a legal and vetted way
  • • Traditional consumer behavior, like inserting card payment at a register
  • • Settle transactions immediately
  • • Up to 100% of rebates on equipment available

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