NexGen is dedicated to promoting locally mind choices and conscious capitalism,
and values allowing clients to give back to the charitable causes that are dear to them.
We enable clients to help their favorite nonprofits fulfill missions and grow.

A Solution for Businesses

Who Want to Give Back

In 2013, to bring a positive culture to the payments industry, NexGen Partner Strategies formed a charitable arm called NexGen Giving, which donates 20% of each payment processing transaction to a nonprofit of the merchant client’s selection. NexGen Giving has donated upwards of $500,000 to hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the nation.

Customer Shops
Merchant Accepts Payment
NexGen Processes Transaction
Nonprofit Receives Donation

A Sustainable and Recurring Rebate for Nonprofits

Credit card processing is essential to running a business or nonprofit. You’re already doing it! Turn the necessary businesses process into a new monthly revenue flow. Through synergetic relationships, NexGen Partner Strategies provides business solutions to a variety of nonprofits, all under one roof.

Accept all Forms of Donations
Full Payroll & HR Solutions
Business Protection
Working Capital
Renewable Giving

Running a nonprofit just got EASIER

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“As a nonprofit, we are constantly looking for ways to cut costs – but sometimes it’s like trying to get blood from a turnip. There is nothing left to cut! NexGen Giving will not only donate 20% of revenue back to you, but they will also lower what you are currently paying in processing fees.”

Kristen Merrifield CEO of Alliance of AZ Nonprofits

"Because of NexGen Giving, we’ve been able to earn back $15,000 and help 15 more families in need after the loss of their loved one in the armed services. NexGen has become more than friends to us - they’re FAMILY."

Darin Fishburn, Former CEO of HHFF

Giving that Grows

With our Philanthropy calculator, you can see the potential impact credit card processing can have. Enter in your average monthly credit card sales to see a reflection of your donation, or just play with the numbers to understand how large this donation stream can be.